Faqhome / Why test with a Single instead of a Multi-cylinder?

  • Convenient sensor access, no neighbor cylinders or valve trains in the way
  • Faster calibration and better, faster data:
    • A/F, EGR, spark timing, start/end of injection, etc. dialed in for the one cylinder being tested
    • Faster mapping, one cylinder not x number
    • Valve timing the same for that one cylinder being tested
    • Small changes show directions and don’t get washed out in vague noise
    • Tighter control of water and oil temps on that cylinder
  • Cheaper/faster parameter testing:
    • One chamber’s shape, piston dome, injector location, cam lobes, valve seats to modify vs. 4 to 8!
    • Deck height and bore offset changes on multi-cylinder very expensive, with a single it takes just minutes
    • Fuel and facility costs for single development much cheaper

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