Faqhome / Why not convert a stock production engine into a single?

Up side… cheaper
Down side…

  • Need to build:
    • Rotating mass clamps on unused journals
    • Hollow piston like mass on another cylinder for first order balance
  • Better sensor access than multi-cylinder but still restrictive
  • Typical stock block doesn’t have (or have room for) a replaceable wet liner; scratch a bore… have a significant issue
  • Expensive headache to change deck height, even worse to change bore offset
  • Not flexible, stuck with that model. Makes bore/stroke/head/rod-length changes issues
  • First order force balance only, so:
    • Adds noise to force sensitive cylinder-pressure sensors and their high impedance driven cables. Also fuel flow data is worse with vibrating fuel lines.
    • Expensive sensors and all cabling doesn’t last as long
  • Modern “downsized” production construction:
    • Gives uncertainty of piston position derived from the crank shaft encoder due to crank/block/maincap/ flex. This affects all combustion analysis numbers.
    • Bore roundness at high loads questionable
    • Wear out fast at high loads and abnormal combustion. Not the same brake results in long term tests start to finish.

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